Ecological Door Hardware

BioChrome® – The Ecological Chrome. Exclusive to Olivari.

In 2005, Olivari’s Research and Development Department developed a unique method for chrome-plating brass ecologically. Unlike the traditional manufacturing process, the BioChrome® covering uses trivalent chrome instead of the common hexavalent chrome, which is harmful to both heath and the environment.

The Olivari BioChrome® finish is suitable for green architecture and anywhere a low environmental impact product is required. Laboratory tests have shown that the greater thickness and uniformity of BIOCHROME plating over traditional chrome plating guarantee great resistance to wear and tear and tarnishing.

BioChrome® is available in 2 finishes; BioChrome Bright (otherwise know as polished chrome) and BioChrome Satin (satin chrome). The BioChrome® finish has a darker tone of grey, more similar to steel compared to traditional chrome, which has a grey tone tending to blue.

All products coated with BioChrome® are marked with the logo BIO through a new laser system that makes it indelible. Furthermore, the lot marking and the production date are also obtained with the same system; this information guarantees the traceability of the products, i.e. the products manufacturing process is coded and certified.

ISO 14001 certified environmental management
Olivari has obtained UNI EN ISO 14001 Certificate no. 0308A/0. This acknowledges that the company’s environmental management not only complies with all regulations, but that the entire manufacturing process is continuously monitored to avoid any kind of pollution.

To see all products available using the BioChrome® finish please feel free to go to the Products Page on the Bellevue Architectural website. Look for the green leaf logo.