Proudly presented by Bellevue Architectural. A family owned, Melbourne company, offers the complete Olivari range. Olivari, an Italian family owned business, provides superior door hardware designed by leading European designers and manufactured in Italy. Olivari started in 1911 with the production of handles for doors and windows in brass, bronze and nickel silver. In the 50’s Olivari collaborated with the Donegani Institute and perfected the aluminium alloy and the anodizing process. The 70’s brought in the use of resin, revolutionising shapes and introduced colours. Olivari goes worldwide in the 80’s. In the early years of of the 21st century Olivari creates Superfinish® – a new technological cycle patented by Olivari, which keeps the surface colour and brightness unaltered over time (30 years guarantee).  To see all products currently available including the complete Olivari range please feel free to visit the Bellevue Architectural website.