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Novas door handles

With premium options to suit any design vision and most colour schemes, Novas door handles and architectural hardware sit at the cutting edge of Australian architectural manufacturing. Novas produces premium passage and privacy handles, each available in sleek finishes perfect for a professional office setting or a new residential build. LSW Architectural also supplies high quality Novas door handles and architectural hardware for multi-unit projects across Australia. LSW Architectural proudly source and distribute the Novas collection of door handles and architectural hardware. In addition, we can work closely with renovator, builder, architect and interior designers to find the perfect Novas hardware for each environment.

Visit our showroom in Sydney for high quality novas door handles

Novas door handles and levers are constructed with high quality 304-grade stainless steel in polished or satin stainless finishes. To view our supply in person, head over to the LSW Architectural showroom in Sydney. If you are a renovator, builder, architect or interior architect, we can work directly with you to find the perfect door handles and levers for your project. Each Novas handle is available in a range of custom finishes for your residential or commercial property. LSW Architectural can promptly supply a premium passage or privacy handle to meet your timeline.

Novas door handles distributors in Australia

With Novas door handles in all styles and colours, LSW Architectural supply designer door hardware to all corners of Australia. The Novas range is contemporary, functional and long-lasting. To access our selection of Novas door handles across Australia, order online and we’ll provide prompt delivery. For the complete range and finishes, please contact our sales team or visit our showroom to view our displays.